Why a Business Development Consultant Should Be a Good Listener

You have just decided to turn to a business development consultant to expand, advance, or rejuvenate your business! Now where do you start?With each individual coach, you will notice, comes a different personality and skill set. The decision to hire a business consultant is one that involves a risk- both of time and money. Therefore, you want to ensure that endeavor will be successful, not just “okay”. When searching for this coach, there are certain qualities you should look for in order to mitigate the risk you may be taking.One trait that you should look for is the ability to listen- to not only hear the words that you are saying but to also understand them. This skill is essential to the development of this partnership.In order for the consultant to properly guide you, s/he must be able to properly understand the issue you are facing. People spend 55% of their time listening; having a coach that is able to utilize that time and understand your concerns is key. You should be attentive as well- look at his/her body language or see if s/he asks further questions- to gauge how well the business coach has comprehended the points that you have been trying to get across. If the two of you do not have the same perspective, it will be an inefficient use of both your resources.Sometimes, there may be an underlying problem that you may not express or even know exists. An exemplary coach is one that is skilled at reading between the lines and picking up on those issues that you do not explicitly state. This can lead to better solutions because it will focus on targeting the true cause and not just what may be the effects.Having a business development consultant who is a good listener will ensure that the proper ideas are generated. With this, you should be able to see the results that are actually pertinent to the situation at hand.A few other characteristics that should exist between you and your business coach include a sense of trust, a high degree of empathy, a similar set of principles, and a level of accountability.If your company is trying to expand or currently facing a problem, investing in a business development consultant can have great results. The key characteristics above should help you in your search for a coach that is the proper fit for you.